Notion Guides and Templates

Notion is my daily companion for a variety of tasks. Here are some examples of what I use it for.

Notion is the all-in-one workspace for private and professional teams and individuals that combines note-taking, project management, task tracking, and much more. With Notion, you can create custom pages and databases to organize your work and streamline your workflow. Plus, its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and powerful search capabilities make it easy to use and navigate.

My personal dashboard in Notion to organize my writing and coding business
My personal dashboard in Notion to organize my writing and coding business

It is my daily companion for a variety of tasks and has replaced at least 5 other tools so far. Here are some guides to build your own system. Or if you want a head start, just use my free templates and edit them as you like.

Working with Notion

Here is a list of guides of how to work with Notion for personal and business use cases. Feel free to adapt the tutorials and free Notion templates to suit your needs.

How You Can Create A Personal Goal Tracker In Notion

Here is how you can create a nice and easy personal goal tracker with Notion. A template is included as a bonus.

How To Create A Content Management System In Notion

Medium writers, Youtubers, and TikTokers do it already. Here is how you can organize your blogs, videos, and digital products with Notion. A free template is included.

How I use Charts in Notion to visualize data more efficiently

Learn how you can add charts in Notion to visualize data in a different way.

How to Easily Organize your Blog Articles with Notion

Discover you can use Notion to easily organize your blog articles with these tips and tricks. Here is how I use it.

How You Can Build Your Own SCRUM Board In Notion!

Forget JIRA or Azure Boards! Here is how you can build your own SCRUM board in Notion! A free template is included in the article!

Enhance your productivity with Notion AI

Artificial intelligence can help you be more productive. Notion AI is a powerful helper and here is how you can benefit from it.

How Notion AI Can Help You Create Content Faster

Learn about the capabilities of Notion AI and why it can be a useful investment for writers using Notion.

How To Use Notion AI To Create Blog Articles

Make use of AI but don’t let it just create blog articles. Here is how you use Notion AI to make personalized quality content.

If you need further examples of its usefulness, here you go:

There are countless Youtube channels and guides all over the internet about Notion. If you are still not convinced, click HERE and get even more examples of Notions versatility.



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