Show a Preview Image in Visual Studio With This New Extension!

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Mads Kristensen delivers again! You can now show a preview image in Visual Studio with this new extension by hovering over any file path!

The developer community has upvoted a proposal to show an image preview in Visual Studio when a path is hovered with the cursor. Although this feature has not been natively included in Visual Studio yet, an extension called Image Preview has been developed to provide this functionality. And once again, it is Mads Kristensen who solves a problem for all developers with his new extension.

With Image Preview, you can simply hover over any URL or file path string in a text file (XAML files, CSS stylesheets, HTML documents, and even in code comments!), and the corresponding image will be displayed directly under the cursor. This feature works for GIF, PNG, JPG, ICO, and SVG files!

Image Preview extension shows an image when the cursor hovers over a string
Image Preview extension shows an image when the cursor hovers over a string

If you cannot see a preview and instead see an error message, there may be an error in the path. This is a helpful way to identify and prevent errors from occurring in production.

It is still under development and you can give your feedback in the developer community thread or via the feedback function of the Visual Studio Marketplace.

In the future, this might be integrated in Visual Studio. But until then, all web, mobile, or desktop developers will benefit from his work once the extension is installed. I tried it and I am already a big fan!

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