Here is how your Visual Studio solutions load faster!

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Does it take a long time until Visual Studio is ready? Check out this tip to speed up the process!

Visual Studio takes its time to load bigger solutions, we’ve experienced it all at least once I guess. You can use VS Code as a replacement IDE but it might lack essential features in your daily work. So the goal is to make Visual Studio faster. And here is how you can decrease the loading time of solutions in Visual Studio.

In Visual Studio, go to ToolsOptionsProjects and SolutionsGeneral. There are two options we need to unselect.

The first one is Reopen documents on solution load. This setting prevents Visual Studio from reloading your open tabs from the last session.

The second one is Restore Solution Explorer project hierarchy state on solution load. The state of the last session will not be restored if you unselect this option which results in a faster loading time.

The bigger your solution is, the more you’ll benefit from these tips. But remember the drawbacks if you rely on data from your previous session. The gained time of a faster loading process might be consumed to restore your previous state.

Here is a short demonstration video:

Demo video to speed up solution load time in Visual Studio by author
Demo video to speed up solution load time in Visual Studio by author

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