What The New Firebase AI Extensions Can Do For Your Apps

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Save development time by using the new Firebase AI extensions in your apps and learn what they can do for you.

During the Google I/O 2023 developer conference, Google announced countless new features and changes for Firebase. Several new AI-powered extensions have been published since then. Here is what the new firebase AI extensions can do for your apps.

AI-powered extensions added to Firebase Extension Hub
AI-powered extensions added to Firebase Extension Hub

Chatbot with PaLM API

The Chatbot with PaLM API extension provides an AI-powered chatbot that can answer user prompts like ChatGPT. The extension uses Cloud Firestore and listens for new documents in a configurable collection. Once a valid document is available, the AI generates an answer via Cloud Functions and writes the result back to the document. This extension is useful for developers who want to add chatbot functionality to their apps without building the entire infrastructure from scratch.

? If you need a chatbot for your app or website, then this is the way to go!

Summarize Text with PaLM API

The Summarize Text with PaLM API extension allows developers to summarize text using the PaLM API. The AI generates a summary of the text, and the developer can use the results to provide text summarization functionality in their apps. Just store the text in a Firestore document and the extension will do the rest.

? Make long texts shorter for your users with this extension!

Language Tasks with PaLM API

The Language Tasks with PaLM API extension is a universal extensions that accepts any prompt and creates a response for it. It works with a Cloud Firestore collection to read prompts and write responses while a Cloud Function calls the AI model. Anything that you know from ChatGPT prompts also works here.

? Want to see if customer feedback is positive or negative? No problem for this extension!

Extract Image Text with Cloud Vision AI

The Extract Image Text with Cloud Vision AI extension grabs text from inside images. Upload an image to Firebase Storage, tell the extension where it is, and the AI writes the containing text to a Cloud Firestore document.

? Get menu items from restaurant images or read text from social media images!

Convert Text to Speech

When you want to convert an article into a Youtube video, the Convert Text to Speech extension can generate an audio file from the text content. Write the text to a Cloud Firestore document. The extension creates the corresponding audio file in a Firebase Storage bucket and writes the path in your document.

? Podcasts, Youtube videos, or virtual assistants rely on this feature!

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Transcribe Speech to Text

To convert audio file into text, use the Transcribe Speech to Text extension. It expects an audio file in a Firebase Storage bucket and writes the transcribed text to a Cloud Firestore document.

? With this extension and Summarize Text with PaLM API, you can create useful Podcast summaries for your users!

Label Videos with Cloud Video AI

The Label Videos with Cloud Video AI extension extracts labels from media files stored in Cloud Storage and writes them as JSON files back to Cloud Storage. The supported formats are MOV, MPEG4, MP4, and AVI.

? Content moderation or a recommendation system can be implemented with this extension!


With these extensions, you can handle complex implementation tasks in no time. They save you from coding complex algorithms. Use them to get your apps done faster.

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